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“Derek is an extremely talented and creative individual. He continually has new ideas and has a can do attitude. I highly recommend hiring Derek and his team.

Rael Lubner
Chopper Shots Aerial Photography


“I have been pleased with the assistance Derek has given me with brand management and advertising consulting. He’s definitely and expert in the field and delivers top quality product.”

Mike Foley
American Efficiency Solutions


“Derek is very talented, and has great passion for what he does in the creative realm. His experience in all major marketing medias gives him great depth to bring to the table for any project he works on. On top of that Derek has an incredible work ethic that has allowed him to effectively keep on task with many concurrent projects and their multiple deadlines. Bottom line, the former tank commander gets the job done, and done right.”

Andy Zich
Director of Sales and Marketing
Wisconsin Management


“I cannot thank Derek enough for all of his help over the past few years. I had Derek recommended to me from another close friend/colleague and have enjoyed this working relationship every since. Derek is fantastic when it comes to creativity & design and excels even higher with his graphics design. On a scale from 1 to 10, Derek gets a 12. He does excellent work and is always a top professional.”

Carter Ener
Director of Technical Operations
Wiesner Automotive Group


“I highly recommend Derek and his company for all things creative. I have worked with several creative agencies over the years, and Derek’s consistent quality product and fast turn around time make him a big player in the Automotive space. He has a deep understanding of Auto and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

Andy Shaw
National Automotive Program/Operations Manager


“Derek is a detail-oriented professional whose work gives us a competitive edge in our market through innovative ideas.”

Richard Boyd
General Sales Manager
John Wiesner Buick GMC Hyundai


“As a designer, Sunmi always exceeds expectations by going above and beyond in providing innovative visual/editorial concepts, and then by providing the highest quality and perfection in the execution of her projects. Sunmi is a very quick thinker who always meets deadlines, while at the same time keeping a keen eye on all the details in order to deliver a perfect product on time and within budget. From print design to animation, interactive to packaging design, to scenic and vehicle design, Sunmi is a versatile designer who can and has done it all…with excellent results.”

Linda Hamilton Sterne
Creative Director


“Derek was wonderful to work with and had a lot of great out of the “box” ideas on how to re-create our web site”

Clint McClaren
General Manager
Huntsville Chevrolet, Cadillas, GMC


“Sunmi is a perfectionist. She always wants to get it right- making certain her work perfectly captures the vision of the project. Sunmi won’t rest until the composition, the colors, the fonts -until everything, is exactly as needed.”

John Felton
News Graphic Manager


“It seemed like Derek came in asking “what can I do today to help the company go from where we are to where we want to be.”

Tomer Alpert
Vice President
Sister Technologies


Sunmi could take a rough sketch, and turn it into a vibrant, high quality graphic. She has a good understanding of how graphics aide stories, whether they are readers or complicated investigations. Sunmi is very bright, and creative and would be a valued addition to any project.”

Matt Martucci


“Derek Box has a rare combination of personality traits that make him unique in the graphic design world. Imaginative, but practical…Forceful, but considerate…Hard headed, but open minded. These are the qualities that inform his creative work and make him such an interesting and dynamic designer. I was fortunate to work with Derek as a freelance graphic designer and was very impressed with his relentless drive to make everything more creative, always taking it a step further. He can always be counted on not to take the first, easiest, solution to a dilemma, but rather to always hold out for the best solution. I enjoyed working with him very much!”

Denise Dupont
Freelance Graphic Designer


“Sunmi is a consummate perfectionist and has a keen eye for detail. She has excellent follow-through nailing deadlines. She does a great job and takes great pride in her work.”

Susan Sowers
TV Broadcast Designer


“Derek is one of the most creative people I have worked with! He has a great eye for design and is a perfectionist when it comes to execution. His funny and witty personality had a way of easing stress and making all of us laugh. I would highly recommend Derek Box to any organization.

Susan Zachesis
Marketing Analyst
Bluegreen Corporation


“Whether it was an on-air promotion or a print project, Sunmi’s artistry and attention to detail always resulted in a better product than I had originally envisioned.”

Keith Paxton
Marketing Manager
KDFW Fox 4


“Derek is perhaps the most professional and creative person I’ve ever worked with. We developed a great communication system, where I could tell him the reason we were doing the advertising – direct mail, print, or web, and he could spot on create the perfect ad. Business savvy along with creative genius- you don’t get this combination often!”

Betty Giannone
Marketing Director
Mystic Shores


Sunmi has excellent natural design skills and a high attention to detail. Not only does she create a great product, she does it on-time. Whether its print or animation, Sunmi has what it takes to get the job done.”

Stephen Daniels
Assistant Design Director


“Derek is one of the most skilled and efficient artist with whom I have ever worked. He is very skilled in being able to articulate his opinions, intentions, and intent. He brings a tremendous amount of positive energy and it is pure joy to watch him work on projects that he is very passionate about.”

Brice McBeth
Reap Marketing


“Creative does not seem to say enough about the skill set that Sunmi brings to every project. Just when I think she could not out do herself; she does it again. She finishes before deadline and often goes above and beyond the requirements outlined. She is passionate about her work, always professional to work with, and a perfectionist when it comes to final product. I would highly recommend and endorse Sunmi!!!”

Mitchell West
Internet Sales Manager


“Derek Box is simply tremendous at what he does. I have seen him take collateral from very basic to extremely high end, putting thought into every detail whether it be a business card or a billboard. Derek truly “gets it” when it comes to targeting prospective buyers and always manages to balance business concerns with effective marketing strategies. I would highly recommend Derek to anyone looking to take their company to a different level.”

Lisa Pelt
Green Eagle Graphics


“We have worked with Sunmi for over 5 years. She is a strong designer with attention to detail. She works hard, is always a pleasure to be around and will do anything requested of her with a smile.”

Dann Shirley
Preproduction Coordinator


“Derek is a dedicated creative with exceptional skills. Derek really brings a good business mind to a project and doesn’t just suggest a creative solution because it looks cool. Instead, he makes recommendations that help the overall campaign and business objective (while at the same time looking cool!). Derek is passionate about everything he does and is a great person to work with.”

Troy Minaldi
Marketing Director


“She always delivered creative ideas both on time and “on the mark” for the project at hand. I’d recommend Sunmi for any project”

Chuck Baugh
Marketing Manager
FOX Sports Southwest


“Derek brings a unique and powerful set of skills to any project. He immerses himself completely in the job-at-hand and persists even when the situation would intimidate a lesser person. He has an excellent eye for detail, a wonderful design sensibility, and an unflagging and contagious enthusiasm that always carries the day. 

We have worked closely together and a wide-range of projects all over the country. His patience with me illustrates his ability to bring out the best in everyone around him.”

Clem Spalding
Spalding Photography

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